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The official language of Armenia is Armenian. Russian and English are the widely common foreign languages in the country, with elders preferring Russian, and youngsters - English. 

Outside of the capital, however, you can hardly start a long conversation, as the locals speak English just enough to be able to answer basic questions of the travelers. 

Whatsoever, try out learning some Armenian yourself before you arrive in the country! Open an online dictionary and learn a few welcome and goodbye words and basic expressions to get the conversation started easier. 


Situated between 380 m and 4090 m above sea level, Armenia is a country of eight geographic zones and seven climate zones. About 90% of the territory of Armenia lies on mountains at the height of 1000 m above sea level and higher. And even if Armenia is a sunny country, temperatures can vary considerably between seasons. 

Armenia is rich with all the seasons that mother nature has to offer. So prepare a variety of wardrobe items starting from light clothing for the hot summers to a raincoat for the sudden cloudbursts during summertime. Make sure to also pack warm clothes for the chilly mid-October and November evenings and for the snowy winters. 


Armenia is one of the safest countries in CIS, with a low crime rate. It's safe for tourists to travel all over the country, as well as take night walks in the city center of Yerevan. 

Nevertheless, don't forget to be cautious, use your common sense, and keep general precautions for petty crime, as you would anywhere.