Things to Do in Tavush Province

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Things to Do in Tavush Province

Breathtaking rivers and lakes, towering mountains, and mysterious deep forests, catching the eye of every traveler - you are in Tavush! Mountain climbing, hiking in the verdant forests, and enjoying the reflection of the brilliant sky in the perfectly transparent lakes are the dream traveling goals for everyone.

And if you love extreme and look for an adrenaline rush, you are likely drawn to activities that provoke thrilling sensations, such as flying over Tavush Province and admiring its wonderful beauty from above.  

An Ultimate Extreme Sports Destination

Tavush, however, offers much more than just a flying experience to any tourist interested in extreme sports. There is a big extreme park right in the high mountains of Enokavan village in Tavush. Here you can try various unusual and wild activities without any preparation but under professional supervision.

The longest zipline in the world operates here. You can take 2 to 3 hundred meters high rides above the lash landscapes of Tavush and explore the wonderful nature mixing the feelings with an adrenaline rush. 

Paragliding is another way to appear in the air and enjoy the beauty of sky-high mountains. The flights are also organized in Aparan, meaning you can capture the mesmerizing blue of Lake Sevan and study ancient petroglyphs of mountainous areas. 

Here, you can find various activities for a stirring vacation as well. Try out off-roading, paintball, zorbing, and many other extreme sports to fill your soul with bliss and energy. 

Stunning Hiking Views 

Tavush is also home to Dilijan - a world-famous tourism destination and a wondrous natural corner in Armenia. Here you can relax and concentrate on balancing your mind and body. The city is also rich in mineral springs, which wait for you to come and experience. Rest assured, Dilijan guarantees a carefree vacation for you. 

The nature of Dilijan is perfect for hikers as well. Virgin forests are home to everyone who searches for beauty and calmness. But to have a trekking experience, you should hike in the mountains of Dilijan, tracking the horses and deer, grazing in the meadows full of color and light. 

Once in Dilijan, you will never forget this picturesque world full of centuries-old trees, healing herbs, and other wonders of nature lying on your footpath. As for the chosen hiking trail distance, it depends on your ambition and determination. Take an hour or a day walk in the woods, or combine hiking and sports, taking the road on a bicycle.

Don't forget to visit the two famous local lakes - Parz and Gosh. They are of extraordinary beauty at any time of the year. And while the historical monasteries and monastic complexes will nurture your mind with culture and spirit, the mount Sartsapat near the Haghartsin village will wait for you with an adrenaline-filled rock climbing experience. 

A Corner of Paradise

So what? Think you have seen everything in Tavush? Many new sensations are ahead if you take the road to a true fairytale and paradise on earth - Lastiver. The footpath to Lastiver passes through the Khachaghbyur gorge. To reach the cave, people built long stairs like rafts in ancient times. Hence the place name, meaning up the raft in Armenian. 

Just a few hours hike to Lastiver, and you will unwind in a place, which will amaze and amuse you. Unforgettable views of marvelous waterfalls, wooden gazebos, and cozy lodges to spend the night in, medieval caves, where hermits once lived. 

Lastiver is a truly magical destination regardless of season or weather. As for the Khachaghbyur river, its water is so crystal clear - you have to dive headfirst into it. 

All these beautiful landscapes and views might make an average tourist out of you, who thinks that Tavush is a small Switzerland in Armenia. But the province is so much more! If you walk in the deep and dense forests, enjoy the clean air and the calming atmosphere, you will understand - the Tavushian fairytale is nowhere else in the world.