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Vahe Mayilyan is a fourth-generation woodcarver and hiking guide from Tavush. Vahe organizes woodcarver classes for visitors in his workshop in the center of Ijevan, making jewelry (also with local semi-precious stones), kitchen utensils, and sculptures. Vahe demonstrates his woodcarving skills on pieces of wood and roots, which he collects during his hiking tours.

Vahe organizes various hiking tours in the Ijevan region, during which you will discover the wonderful nature of the region, get acquainted with the history of the place, as well as collect semi-precious stones. At the end of the walk, you can go to Vahe's workshop and make jewelry with the stones you have collected, If you wish.

Cave, desert, the flooding river, beautiful waterfalls, forest, wonderful nature. During the walking tour to Lastiver with Vahe, you will rediscover this place. Lastiver is located on the edge of Yenokavan village. During the hike, you will descend to the Khachaghbyur River gorge through the dense deciduous forests of Tavush, where this wonder of nature, Lastiver, is located. During the hike, you will see the beautiful waterfall of Lastiver and the famous ecotourism center of Lastiver. During the hike, Vahe will present the history of the place and will tell the legends connected with its name. The length of this route is 16 km.


Lastiver: Lastiver is located in the gorge of the Khachaghbyur river, 3 km away from the Yenokavan village. Lastiver is hidden in the darkness of the forest. The flooding river, tall trees, and steep cliffs make nature here fabulous. The climate here is quite humid. There is a two-storey cave in Lastiver, which was sheltered by the locals during the Mongol invasions of the 13th-14th centuries and had a defensive significance.

Lastiver Cave: The cave is located on the steep slope of the gorge. To reach there, people built ladders, stacking logs on top of each other. The structure looked like a ferry, so the cave remained in the people's memory as "Lastiver". Beautiful sculptures have been preserved on the walls of the cave. It is seen from the sculptures that a wedding scene is depicted there. It is said that the author created these masterpieces while endeavoring in a cave. That is why the cave is called "Anapat".

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Take a hike to Lastiver with Vahe

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