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Change your opinion about tourism with the Patriot Path. For fans of extreme tourism, Patriot Path proposes to discover Armenia by off-road trip. With experienced drivers, you will pass, overcoming, thousands of miles off-road through the wind, soil, water, and mud, ensuring a healthy dose of adrenaline and trips full of adventure.

During the Off-Road tour from Yerevan to Gosh, you will discover Armenia from a completely new perspective. During the tour, you will visit some of the most beautiful places in Armenia, and the road will simply amaze you with its beauty and originality.

The tour will start from Yerevan, where you will meet the driver and get acquainted with the details of the tour and you will start your adventurous journey. The first stop of the tour will be in Sevan, where you will visit Sevanavank, and admire the incomparable beauty of Lake Sevan. From here you will go to one of the most famous cities of Armenia, Dilijan. After Dilijan, your next stop will be in Haghartsin. This medieval monastery complex will captivate you with its unique appearance and outstanding architectural solutions. After Haghartsin Monastery you will head to one of the hidden treasures of Armenia - Gosh Lake. This lake hidden in the thick forests of Tavush will become one of your favorite places. After Gosh Lake you will be in Goshavank, you will get acquainted with the rich history of the monastic complex. At the end of the day, you will return to Yerevan full of unforgettable impressions with a solid dose of adrenaline.

The length of the route from Yerevan to Gosh is 320 km.


Sevanavank: Sevanavank (Sevan Monastery) is a monastic complex located on a peninsula at the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, not far from the town of Sevan. Initially, the monastery was built at the southern shore of a small island. After the artificial draining of Lake Sevan, which started in the era of Joseph Stalin, the water level fell about 20 meters, and the island transformed into a peninsula. At the southern shore of this newly created peninsula, a guesthouse of the Armenian Writers’ Union was built. The eastern shore is occupied by the Armenian president’s summer residence, while the monastery’s still active seminary moved to newly constructed buildings at the northern shore of the peninsula.

St. Astvatsatsin Church in Haghartsin: St. Astvatsatsin Church in Haghartsin (1281) is the largest building and the dominant artistic feature. The sixteen-faced dome is decorated with arches, the bases of whose columns are connected by triangular ledges and spheres, with a band around the drum’s bottom. This adds to the optical height of the dome and creates the impression that its drum is weightless. The platband of the southern portal’s architrave is framed with rows of trefoils. The sculptural group of the church’s eastern facade differs in composition from the similar bas-reliefs of Sanahin, Haghpat, and Harich. It shows two men in monks’ attire who point with their hands at a church model and a picture of a dove with half-spread wings placed between them. The umbrella roofing of the model’s dome shows the original look of the dome of Astvatsatsin church. The figures are shown wearing different dresses — the one standing right is dressed more richly than the one standing left. The faces, with their long whiskers, luxuriant combed beards, and large almond-shaped eyes, are also executed in different manners. These are probably the founders of the church, Father Superior and his assistant.

Gosh: Gosh– is a village located in the Tavush Province of Armenia. It is named after Mkhitar Gosh who took part in the rebuilding of the older monastery of Nor Ghetik during the 12th-13th centuries, which had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1188. The newly built monastery was later named Goshavank in honor of Mkhitar. Goshavank is located just off the main highway that runs through town. On a hillside west of the monastery complex sits a chapel that also serves as the tomb of Mkhitar Gosh. It was situated to overlook the monastery in which he helped build. The chapel is square in plan with a single centrally located dome above and one portal. Nearby are the ruins of what is said to be Mkhitar’s house. Stone foundations and low walls still exist.

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