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Yerevan has a vibrant nightlife scene, with a wide range of pubs, bars, and clubs for every taste. If you appreciate quality music, seek exciting feelings, and love partying until the sunrise, then this city is your dream destination.

From jazz to electronic music, from classiest wine to local craft beer, from traditional flavors to modern gastronomic experiments - the capital of Armenia is home to every adventurous soul. Make sure to visit Malkhas Jazz Club, Dargett Brewpub, Simona Bar, Club 12, In Vino, and other wildly recommended nightlife spots in Yerevan. 

And don't hesitate to walk alone right into the nightlife of the city, because you will meet so many youngsters who will instantly make friends with you, party with you, and even drive you into the most intriguing conversations about art, music, literature, and more. 

Extreme Sports

Are you chasing adventures everywhere you travel? Are you an adrenaline lover? Do you love conquering heights to reach captivating views? Armenia is perfect for you! Here you can tame mountains, unearth the mysteries hidden in forests, take over the skies, and challenge yourself as never before. 

Recognized for a wide variety of extreme sports, Armenia offers its visitors everything they need for an unusual vacation. From hiking to rock climbing, zip-lining, caving, rope jumping, paragliding, and even canyoning - Armenia is a country of unforgettable experiences. 

And remember. Extreme sports in Armenia are one of the best ways to meet interesting groups of people who will help you rediscover the fun in sports activities. So what? Are you looking for adrenaline and friends? Experiences are right around the corner! 

Arts & Crafts

If you want to get closer to the local experience, then you must try out learning new skills and getting familiar with the paractices of local crafts.  Pack your things and find the most convenient transfer option to take you across the regions of Armenia, where you can take part in so many masterclasses that you will become a real craftsman. 

Armenia is well-recognized for its local artistry. The diversity of the traditional handicrafts of Armenian regions are the best way to master new skills because no matter how artistic you think you are, Armenian artisans will still challenge you. 

Try out clay and sculpt wonderful figures. Work on ceramic tiles and your own unique design. Learn the letterwiritng of the ancient Armenian manuscripts. Try out woodworking, making jewelry, rug weaving with old masters, painting on silk, etc. There is an endless list of crafts that you can hone the local arts and crafts. Besides, craftsmanship is also an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of the Armenian regions.